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Footage is a snapshot of 1930s Hong Kong. 

Sellers display their goods at a market. Umbrellas, shoes, shirts, wallets and more are for sale.

A Chinese mans smokes a pipe and, after being asked for his thoughts on prohibition, laughs.

Bamboo baskets of all shapes and sizes hang above a store’s marquee.

A little girl stares at the camera as her baby brother sleeps, attached to his sister's back.

Sampans, little boats, float idly in the harbor. The narrator says that sampans are homes for many. Kids play marbles and with other objects, perhaps toys, on a pier.

A funeral proceeds through a street. Assorted statues accompany the procession, including the dead’s family, who are dressed in white.

Repulse Bay stands directly across from Hong Kong island. Pan shot of its hotel and beach. The narrator says Repulse is known as the Riviera of the Far East and has the most popular hotel in the Orient. The narrator discusses the origins of the name “Repulse Bay,” offering two theories: the sinking of a ship named “Repulse” and the repulsing of pirates by the British.

The clip ends with beauty shots of Repulse Bay itself.