A bartender with a mustache puts ice into a glass and then pours alcohol, or possibly just syrup, into the glass, fills it with sparkling water, stirs it, and then hands the finished drink to a middle-aged man sitting at the bar. 

People mix and mingle at a bar. 

Close-up shot of a bartender who is possibly making a Bloody Mary. Another close-up focused on hands rolling dice at the bar. Close-up of a glass filled with ice. The bartender mixes the potential Bloody Mary, stabbing and beating the bottom of the glass with his stir stick.

A bartender uses an old fashion-looking, chrome cash register. 

Close-up of what appears to be a Hamilton Beach drink mixer. Clean, empty glasses line a cloth-covered counter. A hand grabs dice on a counter; the same person drops 5 dice onto the counter. Bills and change sit on the counter, too. Long shot of the Blood Mary-like drink and a glass of wine, both sitting on the bar counter. 

Shot of hard liquor bottles, which add to the bartender’s repertoire. The bartender completes a transaction at the cash register, counting bills and coins before closing the register’s drawer.