The clip begins with a wide shot of a military airfield filled with spectators, soldiers, and military cars and aircrafts. They all watch on as Truman, dressed in a long trenchcoat, and Eisenhower, in his general's uniform, walk out onto the airfield toward a plane. They stop at the stairs leading into the plane, a soldier salutes Eisenhower and Truman. as they stop at the stairs. The camera cuts to a wide shot of the soldiers standing at attention, then the camera cuts to Eisenhower and Truman shaking hands in a med shot in front of microphones at a podium. Eisenhower and Truman shake hands with George Marshall and Dean Acheson before Eisenhower climbs the stairs into the US Air Force plane. The camera cuts to a map of Europe and pushes in on France. The camera cuts to a wide establishing shot of the Eifel Tower. Eisenhower meets with the French President Vincent Auriol, the men speak near the entrance of the room and then shake hands as cameras flash around them. The camera cuts to a panning wide shot of French politicians sitting a giant round-table. The camera cuts to a 2-shot of Eisenhower and another politician, Eisenhower smiles at the camera. The camera cuts to a map of Europe and pushes in on Belgium and the Netherlands. The camera cuts to an air force airplane taxing on a tarmac, with soldiers lined up at attention. Eisenhower exits the plane and walks on the tarmac being greeted by foreign politicians.