This clip opens with a long shot of a satellite moving back and forth slowly. Cut to inside a laboratory equipped with a Data Processing System with spinning reels against the wall. A man in a suit checks the reels. The camera cuts to a model of outer space with a figure of a satellite pointing at the Earth, which spins slowly. Cut to a scientist adjusting knobs and looking through a large telescope. In a separate laboratory with shelves of glass beakers and in the background, a white scientist adjusts knobs on equipment hanging over a beaker containing a clear fluid. In another room, an Asian scientist flips a switch and presses buttons on a large scientific device. Another white scientist uses a blotter to take liquid from a beaker and drop it on a slide in front of him. In another facility, a white scientist with short hair and glasses pulls a container away from an intricate contraption of glass and pipes. As he pulls the container away, as white gas flows out of a tube and evaporates as the gas warms. A man in a shiny metallic astronaut suits exit a United States space module. Someone assists him in taking off his boot as personnel wearing white uniforms stand by watching