The camera sits in the back seat of a Miami cop car, with a POV shot looking through the front seat and windshield of 2 cops driving with their siren blaring and their light flashing. The vehicle comes to a stop and the policeman in the passenger seat takes down the flashing lights as the 2 police officers exit the vehicle. The camera exits the back seat and chases after the 2 detectives and other officers storming a residential home. Just inside the home, officers are arresting white men - the officers spread out through the home securing the premises as they make their arrests. One officer searches through a closet as another officer speaks in Spanish to children and a woman (mother) present during the arrests. The officer who was searching the closet pulls a large black box out. Cut to outside in the driveway the camera follows an officer as he carries the large black box containing drugs (possibly heroin or cocaine). By the squad car one of the officers is looking for something in the backseat, the officer carrying the drugs hands the package to the officer searching the vehicle.