Points out that mental and physical health are interrelated and complementary as illustrated by the methods of mind and body regulation practiced by two ancient cultures. Shows how these methods are applied today, particularly in the area of biofeedback training.

Visits the Tarahumara indigenous people of Mexico.  Medium shot of older indigenous woman preforming traditional work, and cuts to an indigenous man running on a treadmill, close up shot of his feet in sandals.  Medium and close shots of western doctors examining the village people. Montage of close up shots of faces of indigenous people. Long shots of villagers amongst the desert landscape running an odd foot race, involving a ball they kick with their feet. Variety of coverage of this activity, closeups of the villagers feet and of the ball as well as longshots of the players in the landscape.  Cuts to coverage of this game being played outside at night with he use of torches. Cuts to nighttime coverage of an indigenous man being treated by a western doctor in a classic white lab coat.  A side shot of an indigenous man running along a treadmill at a slow speed.  Cuts to a closeups of villagers faces, a variety of people ranging from childhood to elders.