Promotional short titled "Explorers" for Boy Scouts of America. 

Opens with shot of a sailboat under the Golden Gate Bridge. Two divers examine a turtle shell underwater then swim offcamera together. A kid at a bowling alley picks up a spare. A homemade scooter race down a suburban street is cheered on by a group of Cub Scouts in uniform. A group of Boy Scouts shown camping in the snow. The beginning of a swimming race on a dock. A boy mixes pours chemicals from one beaker to another in a science lab. Two boys sled downhill in the snow. Panning shot across a room full of well-dressed teen boys and girls dancing in couples. Two skiers at the top of a slope ready themselves for their run, then take off down the mountain side as the Boy Scout fleur de lis crest zooms to fill the screen.

Unrelated clip showing a man as he sits on a toilet in a public restroom and discovers too late that he is out of toilet paper. ECU on his face as he looks around the empty stall in vain and decides to reach under his stall's divider into the next stall, not seeing that his hand is inching closer to the bare leg of his neighbor. He accidentally makes contact with the leg and flinches away until the neighbor's hand grabs his and guides it onto the neighbor's bare thigh. The man pulls away and sighs heavily and looks pensive.