Another clip from an episode of the 1960s Batman television show. Spinning bat logo gives way to a secret doorway opening out of a wall and the Batgirl on a motorcycle emerges. Quick shot of Batmobile making its way through the streets before a cut to a fashion show in progress, narrated by a bored-sounding announcer who comments on the miniaturizing of recent fashion trends. Catwoman bursts onto the scene and reveals her intention to steal all the clothes from the show, just so she can be "the best-dressed woman in the world". Batman and Robin arrive and Batman explains to an overeager Robin that Catwoman is not just a villain but also attractive. Catwoman exploits this and has her henchmen capture Batman and Robin with a net. Batgirl shows up just in time and releases Batman and Robin but not before Catwoman makes a break for the model's dressing room.

From Batman Season 3, Episode 14: "Catwoman's Dressed To Kill" (First aired December 14, 1967)

Animated opening credits for 1970s television show Wonder Woman. Shots of animated Wonder Woman using her lasso of truth, flying her invisible jet, freeing hostages, etc. Spanish language narration for the introduction of the lead actors.