Excerpt from 1960s era Batman television show. Barbara Gordon (played by Yvonne Craig) activates a secret panel in her apartment, revealing her Batgirl costume hidden behind a false wall. She smiles as she takes her cape and cowl off their stands.


Television trailer for Kansas City Bombers (1972), a women’s roller derby film starring Raquel Welch. Two female roller derby players yell threats at each other in a microphone before a roller derby match until Raquel Welch's character throws the first punch. Following are quick shots of derby girls in the rink falling, crashing, grunting, pushing & kicking each other and bodychecking opponents into the stands. Just another day at the rink for these badass ladies.


1967 trailer for Mark Rydell's directorial debut The Fox. Based off D.H. Lawrence's novel of the same name, the trailer opens with a woman wrestling and choking another woman on the snow covered ground. A series of freeze frames show the expressions on the choking woman's face turning from playful to lustful. A series of shots follow, showing vignettes of one of the women passionately kissing a man, another steadying a rifle, and then the two women and the man eating dinner together by candlelight.