New York; At the east coast edition of the Imperial Ball, a crowd watches as the guests of honor, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco climb out of their car. Inside the banquet hall, we see a large group of people dancing. There is a view of them eating, then they are dancing again. The prince and princess dance in the middle of the group, with cameras around them. There is a close up of them, then they leave the dance floor.

Sports; December 1958; Spain; At a bull-fight in Madrid, General and Mrs, Franco are among the observers, many of whom hold umbrellas. We watch as the toreador baits the bull then gets knocked over and a fight between him and the bull ensues. We see the toreador limp off the field.

Atlas in Orbit Radios Ike's Message of Peace to World (part 1 of 3); We see the launching pad of the Atlas missiles at Cape Canaveral.