Arabs Back Nasser on Suez Grab; May 1956; Egyptian President Nasser talks to Arab leaders of his seizure of the Suez Canal and his refusal to go to the Suez conference in London. We see attendees from India and Moscow deplane. A line of soldiers walks onto a plane for transportation to bases in the Near-East. The soldiers getting onto the plane wave to those still below.

Britons Exhibit Air Might; At the annual Farnborough Air Show, men, including Russians looking to purchase, walk along rows of new planes. Men look on as four Hawker Hunter planes circle the sky in formation. We see a close-up of a Hawker Hunter as it flies, and a closer look at its attached fireflash, an air to air missile. Another Hawker Hunter is shown carrying other rockets under its wings. Twin jet canberras, the Royal Navy's Super Marine Swift, and a delta-winged plane.