Washington, D. C.; March 1955; President Eisenhower greets guest celebrity athletes, as they support his message for kids to play sports to help prevent juvenile delinquency.

U.S.S. Forrestal- Faulty Bearings Mar Super-Carrier's Test; At a dock in Newport News, Virginia, we see the huge ship from below; we also see a blimp go by. Men board the ship in preparation for its five day test launch. Some close-up shots of various parts of the ship as well as its captain. From above, we see the ship coming back to the dock after a failure of some of its propellers.

Boston; The national convention of the veterans of foreign wars shows off Audie Murphy, most decorated soldier from WWII, in conjunction with the New England premier of the film based off his experiences, "To Hell and Back." We see a parade of soldiers and then the theater entrance and sign, proclaiming its air-conditioned theater. Right outside the theater, a sign also advertises for the Adams House Restaurant. Audie Murphy gets out of a car at the theater entrance and waves to the crowd.