News in Brief (part 2 of 2); As the ship is pushed off, First Lady Eisenhower breaks a bottle of water against it, as the christening. As it departs, we look down on the cheering crowd from above.

Portugal; The Hairdressers Guild of Lisbon hosts a coiffure contest. Thirty six artists (from France, Spain, and Portugal) each work on a lady's hair as judges walk down the aisles. Some of the ladies demonstrate their hair, slowly turning in front of the camera, as it looks close-up at their heads.

Miami Salutes 'Glenn Miller Story' Debut (part 1 of 2); Jimmy Stewart and his wife deplane in Miami, for the premier of his new film. They are greeted on the tarmac by officials and Air Force Reserve Officers. We see the lit signs of the three theaters where the film will premier: the Miracle (whose tower sign we see light up one letter at a time), the Miami, and the Carib. As the camera pans onto them, the crowds outside the theaters wave frantically.