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Footage from a program explaining different jobs in the radio and television industry in the 1970s. The word “Business” appears on the screen. WS of women answering phones in an office with many organized desks. MS of a woman bookkeeper writing on papers at a desk. MS of a redhead woman typing on a typewriter. WS of four people meeting in a small wood paneled room. CU on an African American man in the meeting. MS of large plaques hanging on a wall. WS of a well dressed, clean cut man in a fancy office. MS of a blonde woman at a less nice desk doing paperwork. MS of a woman typing on a typewriter. The word “programming” appears across the screen. MS of a woman looking through film from a reel. CU of a sound control panel. Clips of people performing on set with studio lights and producers visible in the shot. Ms of a man sitting a desk typing on a typewriter. Clip from M*A*S*H and a live musical performance. MS of a roll of paper rolling out of a machine. CU of a television screen with a man in a suit cooking. CU of someone adjusting the dial on a television set. Clip of a weatherman, clip of surgery. WS of men discussing how a set should look. Clips of men painting the set and hanging art on the wall.