News in Brief; Views of Central City Colorado, where uranium is found in heaps of discarded dirt left over from the gold rush. Close-up views of the dirt piles and people searching through them using a Geiger Counter.

New York; At the Wonderland Farm Zoo, blind children feed goats, lambs, chickens, and a calf. A women and child walk with a spider monkey, holding it by the tail. The monkey, in turn, holds a baby doll by the leg, dragging its head in the dirt.

New York City; At the Marco Polo restaurant five women compete in a spaghetti eating derby. Without using their hands, each woman is shown in close-up sticking her face in the bowl and sucking spaghetti into her mouth. The winner, in her bathing suit, stands up holding out her empty bowl. She is crowned, but her neighbor takes off the crown and whacks her on the head with a bowl. They begin to fight.