Atlantic City, N. J.; September 1953; The ten finalists in the Miss America contest walk down a runway in their bathing suits and sashes. The winner sits in her cape as she receives the crown from last year's winner.

Washington, D. C.; Spectators crowd around the entrance of St. Matthew's Cathedral as political figures and celebrities walk up the steps to attend Senator Joseph McCarthy's wedding. A few scenes from inside and outside the church, as well as from the reception, are shown.

Japan; Wide shots from above a neighborhood in Japan flooded from a typhoon that hit Indo-China as well. At eye-level we see Japanese wading through the high water-filled streets and moving across on a raft.

France; A french engineer thinks up new steering wheels that collapse upon impact. A man demonstrates this safety feature by driving full-speed into a still vehicle. And then he does it again in a sedan equipped with the same feature, coming out uninjured both times.