Sports; At Columbia College, in New York City, we see highlights from the Freshman-Sophomore games. There are close-up images of partially clothed students gathered together, then wide shots of the following mayhem. Freshman attempt to remove the college beanie from the top of a greased pole while the sophomores try to stop them. In the end we see a victorious freshman throw down the beanie.

Germany; In the Blue Ribbon of Bavaria motorcycle race, the camera pans along with the speeding motorcycles, some of which end up crashing. A young women runs up to one of the crashed-but-okay motorcyclists.

Texas; Snorty, a sea lion, pushes his female swimming companions into a large pool. From above, we see him pulling one along through the water by rope. And from underwater, the vantage point of the audience, we see him dancing through the water with another girl, then gathering hoops onto his neck.