Sports (part 2 of 2); At a rodeo show in Pendleton, Oregon, we see an unsuccessful bulldogging attempt.

New Hampshire; The national hill climbing competition in Guilford, New Hampshire, where men race up a grassy hill on motorcycles, one at a time. Most of the riders fall.

France; English, French, Dutch, and Italian motorcyclists race in the President's Cup, up, down, and around a hilly course. The tired winner is shown in a brief close-up.

Chief Justice- Gov. Warren named to U.S. Highest Court; President Eisenhower stands with Gov. Earl Warren whom he appoints Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. We see the new chief justice walking with his family in a suburban area.

News in Brief; A bus drives into Germany, filled with former German prisoners of war held in Russia. The passengers get off and are greeted by family.