World Series- Indians Scalp Braves to Win Classic 4 to 2 (part 2 of 3); HIghlights of the Cleveland Indians winning the world series against the Braves at Braves Field in Boston.

Truman Wins!- Democrats Upset All Forecasts And Seize Congress Majorities (part 1 of 2); November 1948; Voters are shown lined up along side buildings; a man is shown signing a paper and another emerges from a voting booth. Wide sweeping shot of building-tops in New York City. Close-up of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey arriving to vote in Manhattan, then wide shot of reporters recording the scene. Close-up of President Truman as he arrives to vote in Independence, Missouri. We see him filling out the ballot and putting it in the box. An image of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wallace in South Salem, New York.