Clip shows troops patrolling, standing near machine gun nests, pointing machine guns towards crowd. Groups of men, appearing to be from the FBI or similar government agency and police officers raid offices and homes of suspected communists and communist sympathizers. Personal material, along with books and cabinets are thrown out into the street. The clip then wipes into shots of city life in the early 20th century: Main Street sign, early cars driving down the road, pedestrians crossing the street, shop owners and their stores. The clip then cuts to Wall Street and scenes from the stock market. Brokers and traders are seen on the trading floor, talking with one another, watching the numbers board, talking on the phone.

Clip then fades to a sign reading: "A.R Blair & Co. Importers". An older man in a suit with a cigarette in his mouth picks up the newspaper as he sits behind his desk. As he reads the newspaper, the clip cuts to the newspaper itself, headline reads: "Actions on the New York Stock Exchange". The clip then fades to another office door, this one reading: "George R. McCall & Company, Stocks & Bonds. Offices: New York, Buffalo, Chicago, St. Louis." We then see a small counting machine and a very large counting room, with men running about, looking at a large board on one side of the room. Two men talk on the phone with one another, going through the process of buying and selling stocks. A white piece of paper comes onto the screen, reading: " BUY WOO, CN"