A man works a television system. The narrator further discusses the educational audiovisual systems in the army base. An officer works at a television set.

A teacher lectures to a class about poetry and introduces an educational television program that begins playing after he is done talking. The class and teacher watch as the teacher lectures more to the class on the television screen.

The TV teacher discusses an "experiment" going on in San Francisco and New York, and the TV cuts to jazz music, imagery of abstract art, and the sound of a man, reciting a philosophical poem to a beat. Appears to be a reference to the "Beat Poets." The students look dazed and somewhat curious. The scene has a weird, "Twilight Zone" effect.

A man sits on his desk. Projections run, film strips are flipped through, scientific devices are examined. Patriotic music begins playing near the end, and the camera pans down on a stone plaque that reads, "Man's flight through life is sustained by the power of his knowledge."