Intertitle says "Mme. Marie Curie." MS of Marie Curie the scientist at her laboratory. There are beakers and various instruments on the table she is working at. CS of her speaking. Intertitle says "Thomas Alva Edison." Edison is in the back of a car twirling a flower. Intertitle says "Governor-elect Woodrow Wilson." Woodrow lounges in a chair surrounded by men in suits. One of the men hands him pieces of paper. Intertitle says "What the well-dressed cameramen wore!" A group of cameramen stand in front of a building with their huge vintage box cameras. They are dressed up and wearing straw wide brimmed hats. Cuts to Woodrow Wilson sitting in the chair again and laughing while more men hand him paper. Intertitle says "Chicago as the Gay '90s knew it!" Cars, trolleys, people and bicycles move through a busy city street. A horse drawn trolley walks across the shot. Intertitle says "San Francisco of the virile pioneers!" A MOV shot from the front of a trolley headed towards the Ferry Building on Market Street. Clip from "A Trip Down Market Street." The tracks are criss crossed by people, other trolleys, a horse drawn carriage and cars.