Home movies of Lake Tahoe. Intertitle says "Emerald Bay." PAN shots of the bay. there is a fast boat in the water. Intertitle says "The Beach At Meek's Bay." Shots of people sitting on a white beach with umbrellas. A boat speeds around near the shore while people play in the water. Brief CU of the boat. There is a man in a capatins hat laughing with some women. Intertitle says "At The Famous Cal-Neva Lodge." PAN of a cabin like building. Three people are on the porch admiring the lake dressed in 20's garb. Very dark shot of someone inside, than a spinning wheel. Intertitle says "The Beach At Brockway." A woman in a hat draws in the sand with a stick on the beach. Two men and a woman sit on a porch. One man plays guitar on a broom. A woman sits at their feet and laughs.