August 1945. Title card: "Atom Bomb and Reds Doom Japs." American B-29 bombers drop bombs on Japan. Bird's eye view of bombs landing on Japanese cities, including the atomic bomb. An animated chart demonstrates the power of the atom bomb by comparing it to TNT, coal, B-29 payloads, and an ocean liner ship. British planes dropping the "Grand Slam," the largest conventional bomb used in the war, which, the narrator explains, is dwarfed in power by the atom bomb. Graphic of atom bomb being dropped on a city. "Prospectors" in Alberta search for the best element to use as base material in the bomb, settling on uranium. Workers at atom bomb research facilities, cities, and plants, including in the wartime production city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Shots of Oak Ridge. A man and a woman hold a newspaper with a headline that reads "Power of Oak Ridge Atomic Bomb Hits Japs."