1938. Prague, Czechoslovakia. LS of Schönborn Palace in Prague. Schönborn Palace is home of the United States Embassy to the Czech Republic. LS of American soldiers digging on dirt mound in preparation for the installation of a bomb shelter. American soldiers working among scaffolding. LS of solider hammering. LS of Schönborn Palace.

1938. New York, NY. WS of Polish ship on New York harbor. CU of Vojta Beneš. Vojta Beneš is the brother of, Edvard Beneš, the President of Czechoslovakia. MS of Beneš standing in front of a podium. Beneš gives a speech stating that Czechoslovakia is prepared to fight.

1938. The International Isle of Man TT Race. WS of the the start of a motorcycle race. Man runs and jumps onto a motorcycle. WS of a man racing a motorcycle. Man races motorcycle on racetrack and falls. People crowd the fallen racer. Men carry racer on stretcher off the track. LS of racer winning the race. Man waves checkered flag.