Voice-over narration throughout. Universal Newsreel. Medium shot of FDR in a suit and bow-tie giving a speech at a formal dinner from behind a lecturn with microphones attached. Long shot of the applauding  and cheering audience. Close up shot of FDR's speech about national progress and making a call to "act now".  

"Sit-Downers Hold Out For 5 Cent Beer"-Medium shot of two men pacing back and forth in front of a business wearing signs protesting the price hike of a a glass of beer from a jitney (five cents) to a dime (ten cents). Close up shot of a sign that says, "Strike on! We want five cent beer!". Medium shot of a bartender serving two men each a glass of beer, the men try to pay with five cents and the bartender shakes his head, takes the glasses away and points to the sign that reads, "Will County Tavern Association, price to go into effect March 1, 1937, beer 10 cents, per glass". Medium shot of a tavern full of men sitting around tables, drinking water and eating pretzels. Close up shot of a sign "We won't buy 10 cent beer". Close up shot of a bartender offering glasses of beer to the men at the table, the men refuse and shoo the bartender away while pouring themselves more glasses of water from the pitcher and eating handfuls of pretzels. 

Rochester, N.Y. Medium shot of a woman sitting on a stool in front of a building outside with an open suitcase in her lap. Close up shot of the woman applying make-up.