Graham McNamee announces that Bill 'Wild Bill' Cummings has set a new record at the Indianapolis 500 race in Indianapolis, Indiana. 1930s style race cars go speeding by on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Crowds line the side of the track as well as the center grass. There are closeups of the crowd as they turn their heads to follow the cars as they pass. The camera tracks and follows several cars in closeup. There is an aerial shot of the track and the crowd of 105,000. Several brief crash shots follow including one where a car flies off the track at a turn and another where two cars swipe each other in the pit stop. 'Wild Bill' Cummings finishes the race in 4 hours 40 minutes, averaging one hundred and five miles an hour. There is a closeup of Cummings as he tells the reporter it is one of the happiest days of his life.