Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads,"Douglaston, L. I." This is a continuation from 13184_7518_pt12 and features Jack Sharkey golfing form inside a sand trap, the scene ends with an extreme closeup of his smiling face. Title reads, "Coolidge dedicates great dam named in his honor / Box Canyon, Arizona" The dam is shown in a long shot. It dams the Gila River in Box Canyon, Arizona. The dam is slowly panned across and people can be seen dotting the bridge. In a closeup of one arch of the bridge an electrical station can be seen. Calvin Coolidge is speaking and dedicates the dam to the advancement of the nation to the 20,000 people gathered. On top of the dam, there are two long banquet tables set up and people sit and eat. Coolidge eats next to his wife Grace Coolidge. After the dinner Coolidge smokes a long tabaco 'peace pipe' with a Native American. He passes it to an Apache Chief and in a closeup he takes a long drag.