Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Emperor Hirohito Reviews Reservists in Annual Ceremony / Shizuoka, Japan" The emperor travels in a motorcade surrounded by four military motorcycles. The crowd simultaneously bows as the Emperor climbs a white platform to review members of the reserve army. He salutes them and the large crowd salutes back. The soldiers march in "goose step". The school teachers wearing a black derby are at the head of the column while soldiers follow behind with their rifles on their shoulders. The Emperor looks on with the Japanese flag in the background. Title reads, "Short hair must go, say experts at show / New coiffures at convention of Beauty Culturists doom boyish styles / Philadelphia, PA. "Slow pan with a woman showing off their long hair to go with their long dresses. Then a similar shot of the women showing off the back of their hair. The title jokes, "But Bridget insists on a short trim" and the shot is of monkey sitting down getting a haircut and manicure. The barber gives the monkey a mirror to look at its new du.