Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "News Paragraphs / Boys contrive home-made diving bell-Roofing copper, sash-weights and bicycle pump aid youths in undersea trip / Stone Harbor, N.J." College aged boys put on a primitive diving helmet and pumps on another boy. The boys go out in a row boat while the diver walks behind them into the deep water. There is a nice underwater shot of the diver pretending to read a magazine underwater. The boy is helped back onto the beach. Title reads, "Haslemere. Eng. / Inaugurate school for kennel-maids!-New course teaches girls A.B.C's of canine showmanship." The girls are all dressed the same, white shirts with black aprons, and are outdoors sitting all in a line watching a lady grooming a dog on a table. They watch as the dogs are washed and fed. The scene ends with a nice shot of four dogs in a basket being petted by four girls. Title reads, "Are aeronauts dare elements in first international races / Venice, CAL." There are four giant balloons on a beach each with baskets at their ends and several monkeys in them. There are closeups of each balloon and they represent a different country. The first is France, then Italy, then U.S.A. and lastly Great Briton. The monkeys are launched into the air with their balloons and there is a nice shot of the ballon flying in the air from the point of view of another balloon. Scene ends with all four of the balloons floating above city buildings.