Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Athletics and Cubs Clash in World's Series / highlights in the battle for glory between Connie Mack's stars and Windy city sluggers." There is an aerial shot of a baseball stadium, Wrigley field in Chicago. Title reads, "The great Ehmke, hero in the opener, in which he fanned 13 Cubs and broke the strikeout record." and a shot of Ehmke (A's pitcher Howard Ehmke), who is throwing the baseball. Next title reads, "the rivals - Connie Mack, Athletics' manager, and Joe McCarthy of the Cubs" They are shaking hands, McCarthy has his Cubs uniform on while Mack is wearing a suit. Title reads, "4,000 rooters who had paid 219,733 for their seats, saw the start / When Foxx, with a homer scored the first run." Foxx (Jimmie Foxx) is seen running the bases and heading to the dugout. Next are brief various baseball action shots including the catcher going for a pop up, the pitcher throwing, the batter hitting, and there are shots of the crowd in the stands as they watch. Title reads, Cub loyalists trek sadly homeward after the battle." and the shot is from the stands and of fans leaving the stadium, most of them walking on the field.