Title card reads, "Now It's Radio Babies!" The scene opens with a line of mothers pushing baby carriages that have radios attached to their tops, funneling music to the carriage. The mothers lay their carriages out and adjust the radios for their babies. There are then various close-ups of the carriages as the mothers (and some of the children) turn the dials. Next a Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Wins Boat Race and $6,000 Lipton Cup" / Fastest outboards in country speed on Schuvlkill before 30,000. / Philadelphia, PA." The camera is located on a forest hillside looking out at a river as single engine speedboats zoom past. Title card reads, "A 'Slippery' curve" before a shot of speedboats making sharp turns. The last title card reads, "Commander Howard, Naval Attache of British Embassy, presents the Lipton Cup to C.M. Scull, winner. The trophy is large and ornate gold, it is a large cup on a pedestal with a figure standing tall at the top. Scull looks ecstatic to have won and there is a close up of his face to end the scene.