From a film about drag queens, the clip begins with b-roll from the streets of London at Trafalgar Square. Camera pans left from a CU of a statue in a fountain to a busy London street and traffic roundabout with people crossing the street and cars driving by. A crossing guard stands in the middle of the road as pedestrians walk past him. A man enters the stairwell leading underground to the subway. Through the pillars of a building, the camera looks out onto the street scene and the roundabout with people milling about and cars passing by. A man in uniform sweeps up trash near the fountain at the center of the roundabout. A man swings his cane in his hand as he walks in front of large lion statues near the fountain at the center of the roundabout. The camera looks at another subway entrance and pans right, looking at the buildings surrounding the traffic circle. The camera moves into an alley off from the traffic roundabout and pans from a view of the roundabout to the buildings in the alley. The camera pans over risqué photos of a woman posing in seductive positions. A man exits the front door of his building onto the street. He walks through an outdoor market and stops to take a look at the pears for sale before moving on. He continues to walk down the sidewalk, past Camden street station in London. The camera shows a CU of The Black Cap Drag entrance and pans right to the sidewalk, the man walks towards the camera. The camera pans back to the left as he enters the lounge. The camera cuts to the dressing room where he is applying make-up in front of the changing room mirror.

Not Explicit