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Shot of the US Capitol at night. Footage of congress during the passing of the civil rights act in 1964. President Lyndon B. Johnson gives a speech and politicians stand and clap. Martin Luther King gives a speech as he receives the nobel peace prize. Footage of his “We’re here because we’re tired” speech. A voting rights protest in Selma, Georgia faces police brutality. CU of a policeman in gas masks. People get tear gassed and beaten with night sticks. A protester lays either dead or unconscious by a group of police men. In reaction, huge groups of protestors march from Selma to Washington. A shot of people carying a “we march with Selma” banner. MLK walks next to nuns and others with flowers around his neck. A sign says 47 miles to Montgomery. The marchers reach the white house, carrying flags. Footage of Lyndon B Johnson signing the voting rights act of 1965.