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A civil rights protest in Birmingham Alabama in 1963 is met with police brutality and violence. The march begins to turn chaotic. German shephard police dogs attack protestors, biting their clothes and arms. Some protestors taunt the leashed dogs by waving clothes at them. A policeman kicks a black man to the ground. Fire/power hoses are used on the protestors. Footage of people running from and getting knocked down by the water, and trying to take shelter huddled up against a wall. Massive crowds for the march on washington in 1963. People carry signs that read things such as “First class citizenship now”. CUs of feet and legs marching. Martin Luther King Jr marching amongst the marchers. Footage of his I have a Dream speech. Shots of the crowd around the Washington monument, people clapping and cheering. Some people sit with their feet dangling in the water of the monument.