Various shots of nature, agriculture, factories, workers and mountains in Wyoming. Cows graze in field. Farmers operate combine harvester. Airplane takes off. Commercial trains. Farmers shovel hay onto assembly line. Workers in orange hard hats chat. Minister with black hat, black coat and gray beard. Students walk around campus. Large L-shaped pipe is repaired by workers. Tractors shovel dirt. Men in suits contemplate blueprints on the site of a house being constructed. Man in cowboy hat enters airplane. Cowboy pats his horses snout. Potatoes on assembly line. Cowboy puts sugar into his coffee. Geyser erupts around dozens of spectators. Smokestacks bellow steam. Young lumberjack in cowboy hat and red flannel chops down tree. Workers covered in oil work on a pipe. Well-manicured agricultural landscape. Panorama of Yellow Stone Mountains and lake. Train travels along the side of a mountain. Aerial views of green pastures and farmhouses.