Various segments advertising the different work programs from the Works Project Administration in the 1940s. Opens up with different shots of men at work examining a surveying map, examining soil samples before cutting to the first main segment of two men - one in a booth and another outside at an intersection in Staten Island marking traffic patterns in efforts to reduce traffic congestion and accidents. Cut to a shot of a woman testing her driving skills in a simulated driving machine. First segment ends with vehicle inspection stations supervised by city police officers, with a number of cars undergoing inspections by expert mechanics - who tested the brakes and wheels of a number of cars - and ends with a police officer placing a pass sticker on the windshield of a vehicle. Second segment focuses on women in sewing rooms creating garments that were then handed out to needy families. Begins with a closeup of a woman fitting a model and another drawing the pattern for a pant-suit. Segment has a number of close-ups on women (individual and in groups of two to three, black and white women working in the same sewing rooms). Then cut to women weaving on a hand-operated loom to create fabrics for sewing projects. Women's work segment ends with women working in a lunch room preparing sandwiches for school lunches for children of needy families.

Not Explicit