Segment opens up on a shot of a group of children eating at a nursing school cafeteria - ran by the WPA. This group shot fades into several groups of children playing under the supervision of qualified WPA caretakers. After playing the segment features a number of scenes of children drinking milk and orange juice, prepared by certified dieticians and provided by the WPA Segment then features several children eating and washing their faces napping, and then fades to the first shot of the second segment - adult education classes. This segment features a class of adult foreign-born scholars learning the English language. There are Several close-ups of students answering questions, practicing their writing in English, and professors writing on chalkboards. A shot of a professor ends this segment, and then opens up on a group of women sewing at a table in a millinery program as part of vocational training for women in - all designed by the WPA to provide useful job training for men and women. This segment ends with several close-ups of women working on their hats with the assistance of female instructors.

Not Explicit