Trucks carrying massive tires through factory floor and machines attaching wheels to plans. Workers assemble the rest of the plane and then the public unveiling of the 500th Liberator plane by Ford. Plane drives down tarmac - and then takes off. Camera focuses on several planes flying and firing missiles. Truck drives up to army base while two soldiers look on. Soldiers approach car to look at it. CUs of interior detail. Car test drove in water and on bumpy roads. Truck drives up snowy and muddy hills. Montage of trucks driving through harsh terrain. Interior of factory as more cars are being assembled and driven off the lot. Lines of trucks as more drive in. Truck being loaded onto boat. Soldier drive sit off boat. Several cars drive past the Sphinx. Montage of trucks driving through war zones. Line of trucks on parade. Troops exiting boats to land. Truck driven up to the shore through a town.