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1930s, 1940s, 1950s

Film about cars and driving. Old car drives up a ramp. Old convertible drives away from drive in food stand. Shot of California 6 highway sign and New Jersey 25 Highway sign. Family is in a car. Cars drive down the road. Man is at sink washing his hands. A sign says EAT. People are in a car. Car hop delivers milkshakes. Man in cowboy hat places two children on an open truck. Sign on the truck says, "California or Bust." Truck takes off. (The truck looks like the Beverly Hillbillies truck.) It proceeds down a dirt road. Shot of old cars driving down a road. Letter addressed to Henry Ford appears on the screen. Clyde Champion Barrow, the author of the letter, states how pleased he is with his car. Shot of a car riddled with bullets. A car races down the road. Another car drives through a tunnel. Two people are in a convertible driving down the road.