Two cars race down a dirt road. They bump into each other. One car goes off the road. Shot of car flipping over. Another car drives across a bridge. People are standing behind a fence watching a car race. Man waves the checkered flag to start the race. CU of dashboard of car. Shot of spectators watching car race. Three boys push an old car back and forth. Shot of souped up race car. Men inspect an old car. Shot of a marching band. Sign says, "Welcome Race Fans." Man climbs in a car, puts on a helmet and buckles up. Cars are racing around a track. One car goes out of control. Cars crash into each other. Crowd stands up to watch. One car flips over. More cars crash. The remaining cars continue to race. Shot of crowd. CU of race car driver. Clip ends with shot of cars speeding around the track.

Not Explicit