Couple driving in a car outside in the countryside. Different cars make up a montage of driving down country roads. CU of a family in a car. Family at a picnic table eating. Family picking flowers. Two cars full of people race down road. CUs of people in each cars. Group of cars driving down dirt road. Group of men clearing a road. Group of men reading newspapers in chairs. Man sleeping on the ground. Group of people making dinner outside. Cars drive down dirt road as spectators look on. Scene of cars driving through Tunnel Tree in Sequoia National Park. Bear near a car. Old Faithful erupts as spectators look on. Cars driving through meadow. Family puts up tent and unpacks car to set up campsite. Family sleeping in cars. Different montage of cars driving through national parks. Camera shot from Tunnel View of Yosemite Valley. Different camera shots of Yosemite. Car drives down mountain road. Group of drivers look at scenery. Montage of cars driving down road and through tunnels.