A car races down the road. Shot of man behind the wheel. A car with two men inside race across a field. Cars speed down the road. One car makes a sharp corner turn. Shot of man turning the wheel of a car sharply. Car drives down the road being chased by two police cars. Two cars are blocking the road. Man holds rifle in the woods. Car races toward the roadblock. The car's speedometer shows the car is going 90 MPH. The car barrels through the roadblocked cars knocking them over. Men come out of the woods shooting at the fleeing car. Shot of an old barn, old cabin and abandoned houses. Man walks up to car. Opens rear passenger door. He has a gun in a holster at his waist. He opens a box in the backseat of the car, pulls out a bottle containing clear liquid, unscrews the top, sniffs the bottle and dips a finger in an tastes the liquid. Then he screws the top back on and nods his head. Car drives quickly down a dirt road. Another car veers around a corner. Car is in pursuit. Shot of men in a car. Two cars pull over to the side of a dirt road. Men get out and run into the field. Two cars drive down the road at a high rate of speed.

Not Explicit