Family watching television in the living room. Television screen expands to show different shots of cars. CU of Ford Emblem. Barrel falling down stairs as man catches it and put it upright. Unscrews the lid while talking to the camera to reveal a teacup located in the barrel. CU of a different man - CU of a steering wheel while hands show off different dashboard features. Seatbelt buckled. Scene of a car crash. CU of interior of car and a women buckling seatbelt. Two people driving down a road. Camera pans down a Chevrolet Bel Air car. CU of a Dodge, montage of different people driving Dodges outside. Woman and a man looking at a car. Different Dodge Chryslers driving down highway and off roads. CU of wheel going over bumps. Two women dancing to show off car on stage.

Not Explicit