A history of the U.S. involvement in the Korean War.A squadron of American planes seen from the ground. Paratroopers inside the plane, jumping out. Paratroopers jumping from the squadron of American planes, seen from the ground. General Douglas MacArthur inside a plane, looking out a window. A sky filled with paratroopers with open parachutes. Paratroopers land. Equipment is dropped from planes with parachutes. Soliders with jeeps and weapons. A solider with a bull on a leash. Two soliders fit the bull with equipment. A solider carries a long cannon while Korean people stand in the background, arms raised. Paratroopers jumping from a squadron of American planes, seen from the ground. Dozens of paratroopers about to land. A map of Korea with animated arrows moving past Wonsan toward Hungnam, then zooming in on Wonsan. About two dozen American ships in the ocean off the coast of Korea. Troop carriers heading toward the shore and landing. A tank exits a carrier. American soliders waslking on the beach and along a road by the sea. Marines enter a burning village. CUs of burning buildings. Marines exiting a burning village. A solider rides past the camera on a bicycle, wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette. American ships on the horizon, including a shot with the American flag in the foreground. A sailor operates a signal light. A ship's deck filled with trucks. A sailor holding a white flag on the beach watches a troop carrier approach from the sea. Long shots of a troop carrier landings. Tanks, jeeps and troops emerge from troop carriers.

Not Explicit