A history of the U.S. involvement in the Korean War.The Navy destroyer USS Higbee traversing the ocean. An american flag on the ship. A gunner turns the turret. A shirtless soldier cleans his rifle. A man performs semaphore with flags. Ships in the distance with smoke bellowing out of them. Detroyers with small boats around them. Soldiers exit landing craft on a shore. Soliders walking down a street with telephone polls, approaching a village. Zoom in on a map with arrows showing the movements of the two armies, with Taejon in the middle. Soliders on the streets of Taejon, looking attentive, waiting on the streets. Soldiers firing over fences. A tank going down the streets of Taejon. Long shot of smoke coming from Taejon. The arrows on the map move south. Wide panning shot of the Nakdong River. Shots of demolished bridges. Soliders firing mortars and cannons. Explosions in the hills.