A history of the U.S. involvement in the Korean War.Tanks going down a country road. Soliders lined up in tight formation, stretching to the horizon. A soldier on a truck carrying a UN flag. Tanks and transports, parked. A soldier looks through a gunsight. Dozens of missiles being launched. Various angles of amphibious vehicles crossing the Han River. Over the shoulder shot of an old Korean man watching the vehicles approach. Soldiers exit from a carrier onto the shore. Tanks and transports going through a village. A solider runs across a field toward a burning building. Soliders running through the street of a burning town. Soliders firing machine guns from behind sandbags. Soldiers entering buildings, firing guns. Tanks goes down the streets. Many explosions and gunshots. A map with animated arrows showing the movements of the two armies, in different parts of the country. Sign next to a street: "7th Div welcomes 1st Cav. Div." Two soldiers shake hands as more behind the cheer for the camera. Cars approach the capital building. Inside, General MacArthur shakes hands with the President of the Republic of Korea, officially returning control. Korean people walking back toward the city, carrying many objects, and walking through the ruins, digging through the ashes.

Not Explicit