A history of the U.S. involvement in the Korean War.A wounded soldier being treated next to a jeep. A soldier carrying a rifle running past a van parked next to a cottage. A shirtless solider loads and fires a mortar. An explosion over a hill. Soliders walking down a country road, and crossing a stream. Two black soldiers in the grass, loading a machine gun. Soliders manning machine guns in trenches. Various angles of soldiers lying on the ground, firing weapons. Quick succession of cannons being fired. A battleship in a harbor. The deck of a ship, filled with soliders looking at the camera. Jeeps and troops exiting the ship. Generals William H.T. Walker and William Dean looking at map on the hood of a jeep. Soliders walking down roads with jeeps and tanks rolling past. Tanks firing their cannons. Smoke and fire in the distance. Tanks along the foot of a hill, partially covered with branches.

Not Explicit