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A history of the U.S. involvement in the Korean War.Zoom in on a map of Korea, fading into a 3D topographical map of the Korean mountains, and then aerial shots of Seoul. Shots of the Capitol building in Seoul, inlcluding damage. Destroyed neighbors. The Korean mountains. Soldiers on a hill, looking through a telescope. Zoom in on a different map of Korea, with arrows specifying the locations of the armies, fading into a different 3D topographical map of the Korean mountains and then actual Korean mountains. Footage of tank cannons going off at night. Village building burnings. Korean refugees on a country road. The U.S. Capitol buildings. President Truman giving a speech declaring U.S. intervention in Korea. The U.N. building see from the water. Wide shot of he inside of the U.N. Medium shot of United States Representative Warren Austin. Austin speaking to the U.N, the camera panning across the spectators and delegates. Shot of the flags outside he U.N.