Film of some sights of Heidelberg, Germany from the perspective of a new student at the university (silent). View from above of Neckar River, the Old Town and bridge; views of the river and Old Town from near water level; Title "Freshman Hans has his first view of the campus;" young men milling and talking in an open area; title "Under stately trees boys from all over the world pass to laboratories and lectures;" young men in a large group walking to classes; men and a woman in lab coats walking in a grassy area; title "The Principal, in medieval robe and cap, tells Hans that hard work is the motto of Old Heidelberg;" robed professor greets several young men at an entrance; title "Sculpture is studied from Greek, Roman and Egyptian fragments;" several men and a woman talk together among friezes and statuary; CUs of friezes and statuary; title "Nature's secrets are searched out in the chemical laboratory;" three men in lab coats examine the contents of a beaker in chemistry lab setting; title "The newcomer makes friends and is invited to join a famous student corps;" three men walk arm-in-arm toward camera, talking; title "Undergoing the great test at Heidelberg. A students' duel for the honor of their corps;" title "The lighter side;" man and woman walk along terrace and turn to look out at sights; view of Heidelberg below as man and woman look and point